The calendar year for the people of the realm consists of ten months of 25 days each, in total 250 days.

The months of the year are as follows:

1.Month of Storms

2.Month of Flowers

3.Month of Warmth

4.Month of Life

5.Month of Virtue

6.Month of Reflection

7.Month of Spirits

8.Month of Peril

9.Month of Darkness

10. Month of Hope

Holidays and Celebrations Edit

Festival Marches are a period of celebration in which takes place on the fifth day through the tenth day during the Month of Virtue. Many people dress up in elebrote ostumes and masks resembling creatures, animals and witches

. Societal norms are brushed to the way side ..

Festival of Dancing Corpses Celebrated throughout Valancia, Brakenthorpe and the Black Hills, this celebration to honor the saints of old and passed loved ones. The festival often includes parties of mass celebration. People will flock to cemeteries to "dance" with their lost loved ones by dancing on top of their graves. The tombs of the dead are often decorated with flowers, charms and various other gifts.

Festival of Eels An event celebrated in Narvik to commemorate the abundant fish harvest, as the Salmon are at peak migration at this time of year. There are many games and contests present during the Festival, feats of strength and will come into play. Activities include things like Arm Wrestling, Boxing, Axe Throwing, Bobbing for Eels. The Duel of Eels is a favorite among patrons, it is a game is which two opponents stand on a log with one foot and "sword fight" with the Eels, whoever can maintain balance while withstanding the blows of the dead Eel and not fall off the log, wins.