The First War of Men was the first major armed conflict in which humans went to war with other humans. King Marmouth agressively kidnapped King Ezekiel's wife and kept her locked in a great tower. King Ezekiel amassed an army and marched on nearby Balancia laying siege to the city. King Isiah, ruler of Jermiah's Ascent saw king Ezekiel's murder of other men as an unforgivable sin and marched on Valancia to aid it's ally Balancia. Upon reaching the forests outside the city, Isiah's army was preyed upon by many "horrible beasts" which tore the men apart, led by a wildman Samuel Tamer of Beasts. It is said that in the fields outside the city that the bloodstains of the men killed in the battle can still be seen as the ground is tainted from the spilled virgin blood of the first men killed during the conflict.

King Ezekiel was said to be torn apart by lions and Gouthawks.

The conflict itself was seen as the "the beginning of the end." As man from that day onward would never cease to end it's bloodshed or warfare.

Trivia Edit

  • It is up to speculation of who Samuel was and what the "beasts" were that Samuel rode into battle with. Some speculate that this may have been the first battle in which horses were used, however, it is more likely that these beasts were likely native Pagans or possibly even Greylings